How Do You Define Success?

Finding and doing what you are passionate about gives you power to handle other aspects of your life.

Remember the mnemonic P-O-W-E-R. 

  1. Passion. Identify your passion. Whatever it is, discover it.
  2. Opportunity. Look for ways to do the things for which you have a passion. See where you can do the things that reenergize you.
  3. Will. Will yourself to be attentive to those activities that give you that extra boost. When you plug into the passions of your life, you have even more energy for the areas of your life that are less exciting.
  4. Energize. Energize those around you to do the things for which you have a passion. Use your renewed hope and fire to encourage those around you.
  5. Relish. Relish the time you have in the areas that recharge you. When you take time to appreciate your passions, it helps build a reserve for times that can be draining.

Wellington, New Zealand1        How Do You Define Success?

Sixty or seventy years from now, what will you wish you had done? If you truly want to be successful:

Make family your priority. When you start to have a family, make sure you place them at the top of your to-do list. The rewards of family last forever, because after you die your family will pass on the love you gave them. Build a strong sense of community.  Do not focus only on your family.  Spend time with your neighbors, faith group, or fellow parents.

My note from Leadership and Management Training in New Zealand


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